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Our Work

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Be Clear on Cancer Campaigns

Early diagnosis plays a key role in outcomes for cancer patients.

The Department of Health has been running a series of regional and national TV campaigns to draw public attention to symptoms often linked with cancer in the hope of catching the disease in early stages.

Together with Public Health England, NHS IQ and Cancer Research UK, we have analysed millions of attendances across hundreds of GP practices to determine whether the campaigns are effective in encouraging people with the highlighted symptoms to seek advice from their GP.

We have constructed a series of Tableau dashboards to show the impact of the campaigns on demographics. We also compared the attendances during the campaign with areas outside the campaign regions, with attendances before and after the campaign, with activity from the same period in previous years, and with attendances for a set of unrelated control symptoms to produce a comprehensive study of the GP attendance data.


SWCSU Demand & Capacity Model

The dynamics involved in modelling activity across the range of health and social care providers is becoming ever more complex. The South West Commissioning Support Unit aspires to tackle this problem by developing a tool which predicts the impact on activity and capacity of a wide range of service initiatives.

To support the first phase of this work Mayden has constructed a prototype analytical platform which combines patient data from a range of sources including inpatient, outpatient, A&E and community datasets to produce a comprehensive picture of the composite profile of activity across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire


SW London Psychological Therapies Population Study

The client wished to develop a marketing strategy with one of the aims being to improve access to psychotherapy services in the area. Figures calculated by the client suggested that there are a high number of people with depression and anxiety who are not being referred by their GP and/or don’t make self-referrals to the service.

To help the client understand some of the figures, Mayden undertook a mapping exercise using the client’s IAPT data combined with ONS population and deprivation data. The exercise identified local areas where referrals were less than expected and whether GP or self-referrals were particularly low for these particular areas. Armed with this information, the client is able to target awareness campaigns towards GPs or the general public as required.